Water Treatment and Remediation

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Bryan Drilling offers Water Treatment and
Remediation in North & Central New Jersey.

As a homeowner, you are aware of the advantages of using a private water supply. This is evidenced by your water bill (or lack thereof). However, reliance on a well can present certain difficulties. Your and your family’s health should never be endangered by dirty water. Because you use a private source and not a public utility, you are responsible for ensuring that the water you pump from your well is clean and hygienic. This may be a difficult task for some.

What is Water Treatment and Remediation?

Environmental remediation is the process of removing pollution or toxins from environmental media, such as soil, groundwater, sediment, and surface water. Once contaminants have been identified, quick action must be done to prevent adverse effects on human health and the environment.

Remedial activity is generally subject to a variety of regulatory criteria and may also be based on assessments of human health and ecological concerns in the absence of legislative or advisory standards. Bryan Drilling’s services for a contaminated well include chlorination and, if necessary, a UV light system. 

When should I treat my water?

No one desires to risk their family’s health. If you are aware that your water is contaminated, you should immediately hire a residential water treatment firm. Bryan Drilling collaborates directly with a New Jersey-accredited laboratory to evaluate water samples and decide next steps in a timely manner. Nevertheless, it is not always obvious when you should have your water tested.

Here are a few indications that your well should be checked. Moreover, when conducting an inspection, our specialists will also keep an eye out for the following:

  • Lax or worn seals
  • Loose or cracked well covers
  • Damaged wall lining
  • Flooding as a result of weather or natural disasters
  • Recent damage or repairs to septic tanks
  • Wells connected to fractured rock
  • Proximity to groundwater-contaminating sources, such as landfills and septic systems.

If any of the aforementioned symptoms are present, you should immediately have your water treated. Whenever you fix your well or install new pumps or tanks, you should also disinfect your water supply as a general rule. In addition to these symptoms, you should also be on the lookout for the following peculiar water characteristics:

  • Iron/manganese/sulfur Odor
  • Taste, odor, and volatile organic compounds
  • Acidic Water (blue/green discoloration)
  • Orange, Brown, and Black Discoloration
  • Sediment and Silt

Call us if you have seen any of these characteristics or if you simply want to ensure that the drinking water in your home is safe.

For more than 65 years, Bryan Drilling has aided homeowners with residential water treatment. Our knowledge and experience will ensure that the water our customers drink every day is safe. As a full-service firm, we do not begin and end with treatment; we work closely with the property owner throughout the inspection, water analysis, treatment, and beyond. Countless families in Hunterdon and Somerset Counties rely on us to safeguard the cleanliness of their water supplies. (908) 879-5671