Well Abandonment

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What is an Abandoned Water Well?

There are two categories of abandoned water wells: permanently abandoned wells and temporarily abandoned wells.

The definition of a permanently abandoned well is meeting one of the following criteria:

  • Has been permanently discontinued
  • Is in such disrepair that it is no longer practical to use
  • Has never been completed
  • Is a threat to other groundwater resources
  • Is a hazard to health or safety
  • When one has the option or need to connect to city water, the domestic well must be abandoned properly as per the DEP

Water wells may also be temporarily abandoned if the owner expects to use it as a source of groundwater in the future but is not using it for that or any other purpose at the present time.

Inappropriately abandoned water wells are always a significant liability. Therefore, it is crucial for the safety and well-being of a community that abandoned water wells are securely sealed. When ground water becomes contaminated, it is extremely difficult and expensive to clean up. The correct solution to this issue is to plug, seal, and decommission all abandoned wells.

The objective of well abandonment is to return the hydrogeology to its original state. In order to prevent physical dangers, the introduction of pollution, and the mixing of aquifers, it is also crucial to follow correct abandonment protocols.

To prevent the mixing of aquifers, it is necessary to abandon wells properly. If the higher aquifer is contaminated and is not sealed by the restrictive or confining layer, the lower aquifer is susceptible to contamination.

How to Plug an Abandoned Well

  1. The removal of pumps, drop-pipes, pump rods, packers, wire, check valves, and any other debris or impediments from the well. Registered well-drilling contractors have the necessary skills and tools to complete this work.
  2. The well’s depth and diameter must be measured in order to determine the quantity of filling material required. Different types of wells require distinct techniques of plugging.
  3. A qualified well drilling contractor plugs the well.
  4. An Abandoned Well Plugging Record is prepared and filed within sixty days to the local health department, the well owner, and the state.

If you find that your property is in need of dealing with an abandoned water well, the experts at Bryan Drilling are well versed in the requirements of surrounding municipalities within our service area.. The knowledge and skill of our technicians will ensure you get the job done correctly, the first time.  Call us today for a free consultation: (908) 879-5671